We’re on a mission to design inclusive classrooms that meet the needs of all students.

10 million students in the United States learn in classrooms with two (or more!) educators, but experience shows us that simply adding teachers to the classroom doesn’t automatically translate to better outcomes for students.

Blue Engine optimizes how teaching teams work together to individualize instruction for every student.

If we don’t get something, teachers are quick to show us a new way and easier way for us to learn how to get the answer. If we still do not know, they will keep on trying their best to help us.

Our Partnerships

We’re not starting from scratch – we know that your community is already doing great things! We learn from where you’ve already succeeded, and offer support in places where you need additional expertise.

Blue Engine Careers

We are committed to assembling diverse, inclusive, and actively anti-racist teams to disrupt and dismantle systems of oppression at their root.