Emily Criste

Partner at Bain and Company

As a parent of children in the NYC public school system, I have seen firsthand the power of co-taught classrooms to support each and every learner. I am deeply committed to investing in our education system so that all students, regardless of their background or learning style, can flourish.

Nick Ehrman

Founder, Blue Engine

Blue Engine has always been about mission, team, and talent – partnering with courageous and hardworking educators to unlock the talent that exists inside of classrooms and schools. Then and now, it’s a mission worth fighting for.

Kristi-Jo Preston

Managing Director, Watershed Advisors

Every student is capable of mastering the full rigor of grade-level learning. It’s our collective responsibility to design schools and classrooms so they can realize their potential. Blue Engine has figured out a key piece of the puzzle: how to accelerate learning for students with thinking and learning differences by optimizing how teachers work together.

Dominic Wilson

Board Chair & Senior Advisor, Goldman Sachs

I believe strongly in the need for system-wide change to tackle the deep educational inequities in our public schools. Blue Engine’s unique skills and approach to team teaching have the power to transform classrooms and restore opportunity to students who have often been denied it.

Michael Lear

Senior Vice President and Investment Counselor, Capital Group

I was the beneficiary of an excellent education that allowed me to enjoy the life I live today. I would like to see as many children as possible have the same opportunity and Blue Engine helps make that a reality.

Tom Higbie

Investing & Strategic Advisory, Forest Road Company

You never know which kid will change the world given the opportunity. Blue Engine is transforming the public school experience to be more inclusive and learner-centered which is critically important to giving every young person a chance to realize their full potential.

Ambrose Wooden Jr.

Executive Director, J.P. Morgan

Commitment to educating every student through our team teaching model.

Stephen Shapiro

Partner, Clayton, Dublier & Rice

To give every student a better chance, to reach their full potential.

Mike O’Brien

CEO, America’s Promise Alliance

The opportunity to reimagine classrooms and learning for students.