Salma Sow

Operations Coordinator

Ray CaƱada

Senior Director of Implementation

Sarah Warnock

Director of Institutional Giving

Xuan Huynh

Director, Program Implementation

Matt Guerrero

Director, Co-teaching Coach

Meg Hutchinson

Director, Learning & Design

Sergio Jara Arroyos

Director, Learning & Design

Jessi Brunken

Chief Executive Officer

Megan Carey

Vice President, Strategy, Learning & Improvement

Aisha Chappell

Vice President, NYC Program Implementation

Sam Eiseman

Director, Co-Teaching Coach

Tiffany Galloway

Vice President, Learning & Impact Design

Jonathan McCarty

Director, Co-Teaching Coach

Meredith Pasake

Associate Vice President, Learning Design & Impact

Seth Miran

Chief Operations Officer

Maegan Arney

Manager, Data & Measurement

Julie Zarmer

Director, Co-Teaching Coach