Meg Hutchinson

Dr. Sharon Asonganyi

I am a naturally curious deep thinker. I think in question forms and the answers help me make meaning of the worlds within which I exist.

Sergio Jara Arroyos

I care about people, not projects. The work that I get to lead is complex and human-centered, if I ignore the core aspect of relationships, then my projects land flat.

Jessi Brunken

I believe in my bones that the work we do at Blue Engine to maximize all of our human resources on behalf of students to create a more just and inclusive school system cannot wait, and I am a fierce advocate for our mission, our stakeholders and our team.

Megan Carey

I can spend hours connecting with others thorough interviews, mulling over interview notes and working across the team to design experiences that ensure all students are receiving effective individualized instruction that meets their individual needs.

Aisha Chappell

My teacher used individualized instruction to create the circumstances for me to feel like my way of learning was valued and that I had autonomy as a learner to learn the way I needed to.

Sam Eiseman

Each of us works on being aware of our unique strengths and utilizing them to support the team.

Sarah Fuentes

I get to work with a group of educators that care deeply about students while also wanting to change the educational experience for marginalized students in this country.

Tiffany Galloway

There’s something deeply affirming about being able to wake up and show up to work everyday as your authentic and whole self.

Elandria Jackson Charles

Working on a team at Blue Engine is affirming, challenging, and inspiring. Every team member is truly seen – not just for what they contribute, but for who they are.