Lindsay Kent

I always want to keep getting better. This fits right in at BE – we are a learning organization and are constantly learning & growing through feedback processes.

Jonathan McCarty

It’s place where folks think creatively, push each other to be great, and work diligently in support of our mission.

Brooke Molpus-Cortez

Blue Engine puts students and educators at the center of our work. We are deeply collaborative, ensuring we constantly listen to our partners and gather data that allows us to respond to the needs of our partners.

Meredith Pasake

I’m a listener. I believe that truly seeking to understand another – their values, their experiences, their emotions – is the foundation upon which strong relationships are built.

Seth Miran

Mr. Miller’s ability to see each student as an individual with unique strengths and interests (and create roles accordingly) enabled every single student to contribute, to feel successful, and to learn in the process.

Maegan Ruiz

My colleagues are passionate and thoughtful, and they constantly support me and push me to grow.

Emily Walsh

Everyone on the Blue Engine team wants to do right by our partners and students and that shows up in our work together.

Julie Zarmer

I pride myself on getting teachers to expand their definition of what data is, how data can help them get to know their students as individuals, and how they can respond to that data within their current school and classroom systems.