Sam Eiseman (he/him/his)

Sam works as an instructional coach on the Program Implementation Team, supporting teams of teachers in both Washington D.C. and New York City to create more inclusive learning experiences for all students.

Sam came to Blue Engine after spending 8 years as a teacher and instructional coach, including both helping to grow a school from the ground up and working at the state level. He is particularly interested in thinking about how to ensure that all students, especially those from historically marginalized communities and those often overlooked by the system, can gain access to high-impact learning opportunities.

What is your unique genius? How do you bring it to your work at Blue Engine?

I am very observant, especially of the people around me, which allows me to ensure that everyone feels supported, included, and valued. Whether I am coaching teachers or working collaboratively with my colleagues, I strive to create a positive, inclusive atmosphere that creates space for others to do their best work.

What do you love about working at Blue Engine?

Working on a team at Blue Engine is incredibly collaborative – which makes sense given everyone here’s passion for supporting teams of teachers. Each of us works on being aware of our unique strengths and utilizing them to support the team. Even when working on a “solo” project, teammates offer to help using their strengths. It’s a very supportive environment.