Sergio Jara Arroyos (el/he/him)

Sergio Jara Arroyos (el/he/him) leads conference strategy, product marketing, and new products at Blue Engine. With 10 years of experience in education, Sergio is a former Pre-K classroom teacher, grassroots organizer, consultant, and project manager. Beyond his experience, Sergio leverages his lived experience to ensure DEI + Belonging lives in his work. Sergio has a B.A. in Cross-Cultural Studies from Whitworth University, he’s the first in his family to go to college.

Describe a time that you experienced individualization as a student?

Growing up in the projects meant that I had access to Title I schooling – at times it felt that resources for students like me were limited. As an English Language Learner, I was tracked into ESL (English as a Second Language) courses, I recall my teachers individualizing my work the moment they began embedding visuals into their instruction. I was also encouraged to use Spanish in my English assignments, knowing that I was able to communicate my idea but might not know the specific word in English, Spanish was an asset, not something to hide. It was individualization that allowed me to test out of my track and provided access to Advanced Placement (AP) classes.

I care about people, not projects. The work that I get to lead is complex and human-centered, if I ignore the core aspect of relationships, then my projects land flat.