Our journey is ongoing

We’ve had some successes, and some messy moments too – some of which we share below! We will continue to learn and grow with each other. We hope you’ll reach out to ask questions and to join us in this collective effort to build a more hopeful, just, and equitable world.

Continually Re-Committing to Equity & Student Success

Every student learns and thinks differently. Individualized instruction recognizes and strives to meet all learners’ unique needs and give all students what they truly need to grow. We believe that teams of teachers are best positioned to provide individualized classroom experiences and instruction.


Blue Engine was founded to advance educational equity. We focused on academic acceleration with the goal of ensuring students graduate from high school with the skills necessary to compete in college and complete postsecondary degrees.


We wrote a “Multicultural Worldview” statement articulating our commitment to understanding why equity work is important and to raising our individual and collective consciousness.


We learned that focusing impact on threshold outcomes only (e.g., college readiness) resulted in some students being left behind.


We revised our north star of impact to academic gains for all students. Simultaneously, we refreshed our core values and articulated an explicit commitment to disrupting the root causes of inequity. We knew that not actively working to dismantle an unjust system meant we were complicit in maintaining the status quo for students marginalized by racism and bias.


We start embedding Universal Design for Learning into our model to ensure we support teaching teams to reduce barriers and widen access to instruction for all students.


We concluded our original AmeriCorps program to focus exclusively on supporting existing teaching teams (e.g., co-teachers). Blue Engine’s commitment to helping to transform the system – not just acting as an intervention – underpinned our decision.