What We Believe

Our current educational system is not designed to meet the needs of teachers and marginalized students. We partner with districts, schools, and educators to transform classrooms into truly inclusive places of learning for all students.

Our work is founded on these core beliefs:

All students are brilliant and capable.

We believe in the inherent potential of every single learner, and that all students are capable of the highest pursuits. We work to create educational experiences that honor and liberate each student’s potential.

Educators have limitless potential.

Our schools and classrooms are filled with educators who want all students to feel seen, known, and validated. We need to provide teachers the support and resources they need to thrive and maximize their impact.

We’re stronger together.

Authentic relationships are at the heart of every social justice movement and are the lifeblood of our work. We must build meaningful relationships with one another: seeing, valuing, and celebrating our differences in order to effect real systemic change.

Inclusion is actively designing for all.

We believe that reaching each and every student – particularly those with learning and thinking differences – is not only possible but the only way to create a truly inclusive system where all students thrive. We see students as individuals, and design equitable and participatory learning experiences tailored to their experiences and needs.

We cannot maintain the status quo.

We want to play a role in rebuilding an educational system where every learner thrives, especially those from historically oppressed communities. To do this, we must interrogate our assumptions and mindsets and redesign structures so that every student has equal access to learning.

Measurable change matters.

Students deserve solutions that actually work. We monitor and evaluate results while learning and adapting along the way. We operate with a curious, learning stance and use data to assess and improve our work.

Equity & Inclusion

Blue Engine was founded to address educational inequity, including patterns of systemic racism that lead to racial disparities in student outcomes. We are actively working to dismantle unjust systems, and will not be complicit in maintaining the status quo.