What We Do

Blue Engine has deep expertise in co-teaching – the practice of having two or more teachers work as a team and share responsibility for the same classroom. 

We help leaders and teams of teachers create truly inclusive classrooms.

The best approach for students and teachers

Tailoring instruction to individual needs.

Every student learns and thinks differently. Individualized instruction recognizes this, and strives to meet all learners’ unique needs. We believe that teams of teachers are best positioned to provide individualized classroom experiences and instruction.

Individualization is about working smarter, not harder.
Individualized instruction is feasible with the time, attention, and skill of multiple teachers working together in a classroom. We work with partners to ensure that teachers have the capacity and capability to design lessons with accommodations for different learning needs so every student can access and master grade-level content.

Helping teams of teachers work together, better.

Optimal team teaching doesn’t happen automatically. Often, teaching teams end up with a “90/10 split,” where one teacher dominates instruction and planning, while the other teacher – often a specialist – serves as an “assistant”. This setup misses out on 100% of the combined expertise and capacity of the team.

Teaching teams need time and support to work together effectively.

When the potential of both teachers is fully realized – and the team is focused together on student mastery – there is significant impact on student experience and learning. With our support, teaching teams use regular, strategic collaboration outside of the classroom to support individualization inside the classroom.

Adapting support to meet the needs of partners.

We amplify the great things already happening in communities by intentionally and thoughtfully designing partnerships with teachers, instructional coaches, and school and district leaders. We support schools and districts to improve co-teaching practices and ensure sustainability across the entire system, through embedding practices, approaches, and mindsets within the culture of the school and district.

We know that when we help our partners rebuild systems and processes, we’re setting everyone up for long-term change and sustainable impact.

Professional Development Offerings

Blue Engine uses targeted professional development sessions to ensure teams of teachers are fully optimized to meet the needs of all learners by supporting four key areas: building teacher mindsets, forming effective co-teaching teams, planning for effective co-taught instruction and capacity building